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Beauty In The Breakdown

‏A rework of a film I created a few years ago that somehow disappeared in history )was on an old Youtube account).

This video is about autism awareness and social inclusion. The song, Let Go (Frou Frou) is something I have always been fond of but lyrically, the realisation came that I interpreted this theme from some of the words…

These mishaps you bubble wrap when
You’ve no idea what you’re like

Oh it’s so amazing here
It’s all right
‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

The girl in this film has an obvious stim but her hand movements express her own world. The boy with the truck (Noah) and the face-hitting that I remember all too well.

I imagine that in our autistic world, we are bubble-wrapped, that we do not see things the same way others do and it is how that despite an intricate rewiring of our brains and some complex disadvantages, auisic people are creative, special and being different is not something to be scorned.

I used Roxio Creator NXT6 to make this movie and am grateful for the availability and use of related documentaries and short films that enabled me to create this.

Penetration: Shout above the noise!

Named after the Stooges song of the same name the band were formed in late 76 in Ferryhill  County Durham by  three friends Pauline Murray, Robert Blamire  and Gary Smallman after seeing the Sex Pistols play in Manchester.  They played their first gig in October 76 at the Middlesborough Rock Garden  and played their first London gig at the famous Roxy Club  in January 77 supporting Gen X. This first gig in the bright lights of London was less than fondly recalled by Pauline “We spent a fortune getting down there. We thought it was great. Then when we got there it was such a dump. I don’t know what we were expecting but it wasn’t quite that .”


While singles were coming out a plenty by other acts Penetration, like X Ray Spex and The Rezillos (Siouxsie would have to wait a further year !) had to wait till  later in the year to get a recording contract (strangely all women lead bands ! ?).  The excellent ‘Don’t Dictate’was released  late ’77 then ‘Firing Squad’, early ’78, before original member Gary Chaplin jumped ship.  Neal Floyd joined and then a second guitarist Fred Purser was added who was more metallic minded with guitar noodling (later joining The Tygers Of Pan Tang). The debut ‘Moving Targets’ was released in late ’78. Heavy touring in 1979 and another album ‘Coming Up For Air’, but no real commercial success found  Penetration in internal disharmony.

The album appeared after the band had decided to split. The end came at a  Newcastle City Hall  which was recorded and issued on the posthumous bootleg ‘Race Against Time’. Amazingly Penetration have reformed this year (2002) and are playing gigs.

“I never wanted to be in Penetration and to be worrying all the time. I wanted it to be fun, not to be always thinking of hit singles and cracking America and writing for the next LP.” Pauline Murray NME October 1979

This is a video I made for the song “Shout Above The Noise” which I reckon ought to have been a single but it wasn’t. I’ve used various clips of live versions mixed with vintage footage of Ferryhill, from where Penetration hailed, also Middlesbrough plus a few single sleeves and video effects thrown in… enjoy!


My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon” – The Siddeleys

“The smell of chips on a summer’s evening in Southend”

My favourite Siddeleys song put to nostalgic seafront scenes. Video made using Roxio and Corel Video Studio.

Tonight In Bilbao” – Sun Kil Moon


A favourite from the April album, inspired to make a video for the song.

Includes 4K clips from city tours of Bilbao, Berlin, Milan and Rome.


“Emily” – Stephen Fretwell



A music video I created for this Stephen Fretwell song, using four short films I found online.

The idea was to create a storyline around the young couple, maybe when the relationship broke down, the line “You never were going to change your mind were you anyway?” is the perfect end as the boy throws the ring into the sea.

The other content is ambiguous but fun, I think that sometimes it’s nice to leave an open book.

Born in the town of Scunthorpe in 1981, English singer/songwriter Stephen Fretwell was introduced to the music of Bob Dylan at a young age. Using a borrowed guitar from his grandparents, the young artist began writing his own songs and made tapes for his family and friends. After an aborted attempt at university life — he lasted two days — Fretwell relocated to Manchester, where his clear northern voice, poetic lyrics, and melodic guitar work soon won him an audience.

After landing a much sought-after opening gig with local heroes Elbow, the now 21 year old began releasing his music on a friend’s Northern Ambition label. 8 Songs, the Something’s Gotta Give EP, and The Lines, all released between 2001 and 2003, became collector’s items and brought Fretwell to the attention of the press.

He signed to Friction Records in 2003 and released his first full-length, Magpie, in November, recorded at Abbey Road studios in London. Fretwellrecorded the follow-up to his debut album, Man on the Roof, in New York City; it was released in 2007.


“Party With The Devil” – Ten Minutes With My Dad


The original video, spliced and done in reverse!



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