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This series – the title is a nod to Hawkwind’s Space Ritual – has ten mixes, each under one hour’s duration.

These mixes are a blend of ambient, downtempo techno, dub reggae and acid trance.



Air Liquide ‎– Liquid Air

Scanner- Safety

A Positive Life – Pleiadian Communication

LFO – Helen

Deadstock ‎– Octarine

Alter Ego – Sex And Gender

Outcast – Peach Taxi

Analogical – Camillo

Tycho  ‎– Epigram

Monolink ‎– Swallow (Tale Of Us Remix)

Deep Space Dub’ – Phat Sherriff & Deputy Dub

The Detroit Escalator Co. – Gathering Memory

The Arc ‎– Something Wonderful

Slownoise – Koi Dub

Spatialize ‎– Lunar Space Dub







Link ‎– Arcadian

FUSE ‎– Theychx

Panda Dub ‎– Shankara

Microgolobe – Trust (Suspicious Mindgear Mix)

Sourmash ‎– Pilgrimage To Paradise

7027 ‎– The Pace

Bola ‎– Forcasa 1

164776197-space-wallpapers - Copy (2)

Boston 168 ‎– Oblivion

Sonar Bass ‎– Arrival At Dwell Probe

Pulse ‎– Carino

Tycho  ‎– Hours

Aphex Twin ‎– Stone In Focus

Conray ‎– Space Dub Jazz

Vibronics – Spiritunational (Remix)

Anetha ‎– Disinhibition




Sven Väth ‎– Intro / Harlequin’s Meditation

Dario Zenker ‎– Light

Rhythm & Sound ‎– Aerial

Hamatsuki – Advanced Apathy

Telephones ‎– DTMF (Call Super Remix)

So Inagawa ‎– Selfless State


Cosmonaut  ‎– Loft Lunar – Cuts EP

Higher Intelligence Agency ‎– Speedlearn – The Speedlearn EP

Ametrine – Boreas Mundi

The Starseeds ‎– Behind The Sun

Karma De La Luna ‎– Travel Without Moving

Cristi Cons – Bird In Space

R10 – Banana D

Nils Frahm ‎– Felt




Rhythm Of Space – Yggsdrasil

Another Green World – On Lydia’s Sixth Moon

Ingredient X – Cyclone 7

The Orb ‎– Reefer Spin In The Galaxy

Matter – Seed (Original Mix)

Cabaret Voltaire ‎– Low Cool

Arros – Find Yourself

Pure Science Presents Sci-Phi ‎– Be-Dup




Sun Electric – Love 2 Love

Himadri – Trace

Juno Reactor – Laughing Gas (Ambivalent Remix)

Alpha Steppa – Spirit Level (Part 1)

Cosmosis ‎– Psychofunk

Choice / Soofle ‎– Acid Eiffel

The Orb ‎– The O.O.B.E. Adventure

Li Kwan ‎– Point Zero





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