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HICKS FROM THE STICKS – [Compilation, 1980]




I mixed this album with all the tracks in their original order but added four songs to make it a round twenty.

It is available on Sendspace to download for free…  HICKS FROM THE STICKS

I was reunited with it thanks to the DIE OR D.I.Y blog and this is what they have to say about it though I’d go for Hey Disco Joe and Choreography as the stand-outs…

A very influential compilation, compiled by music journalist Des Moines. His aim was to uncover ‘talent’ in the musical underground of the UK’s provinces.There was even an artist on here that scored a number one single, namely Wah! Heat.(see ‘story of the Blues’ by Wah!).
A lot of this could have been released in the ‘noughties’ by one of those multitudes of hideous drainpipe and cardigan wearing bands who had parents with record collections with “Hicks from the Sticks” in it.Except that this is the real stuff.
Stand out tracks are Clock DVA “You’re Without Sound”, Section 25 “After Image” and the brilliant I’m So Hollow‘s “I Don’t Know”.



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