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Beauty In The Breakdown





‏A rework of a film I created a few years ago that somehow disappeared in history )was on an old Youtube account).

This video is about autism awareness and social inclusion. The song, Let Go (Frou Frou) is something I have always been fond of but lyrically, the realisation came that I interpreted this theme from some of the words…

These mishaps you bubble wrap when
You’ve no idea what you’re like

Oh it’s so amazing here
It’s all right
‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

The girl in this film has an obvious stim but her hand movements express her own world. The boy with the truck (Noah) and the face-hitting that I remember all too well.

I imagine that in our autistic world, we are bubble-wrapped, that we do not see things the same way others do and it is how that despite an intricate rewiring of our brains and some complex disadvantages, auisic people are creative, special and being different is not something to be scorned.

I used Roxio Creator NXT6 to make this movie and am grateful for the availability and use of related documentaries and short films that enabled me to create this.




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