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ALDERSHOT FC – Reelin’ In The Years


Growing up in Farnham, Surrey, supporting Aldershot was the done thing. You learned to loathe Reading but love the Shots. I wasn’t allowed to go to the Rec unattended until around age 12/13 but I became an East Bank regular in average crowds of 4-5,000.


I can remember us having three managers; Tom Mac and Ernie (painfully old joke I know) and my heroes were Howarth, Jopling, Brodie, McGregor and Dungworth. Even Les Briley! And in my mid to late teens I began following Shots away to foreign lands like Darlington, Port Vale and Wigan (Springfield Park as it was then).


Those train journeys from Farnham to Aldershot with just enough cash for the turnstiles, your programme (later known as a ‘matchday maga\ine’) and your pie and Bovril (later known as a pie and a pint). were habitual and I remember freezing cold half-times and watching the man at the other end hanging the metal plates with the scorelines from elsewhere that you’d match with the fixtures in your programme.


I remember going to Plough Lane on a Tuesday night when unofficially speaking we may have taken 3,500+ fans there. Many many games I remember bits but not the final score.

Nowadays going to football is a different ball game. You can take as many high definition photos as you like and even upload them in an instant to something like Instagram or Twitter,  In the ’70s and ’80s if you did take a camera along, you’d have to send them off to Supasnaps and wait a week for them to come back! Er, anyone remember these?


These days I no longer go to matches but that doesn’t mean I’m exiled or that the Shots aren’t etched in my heart. It’s with the sense of allegience and loyalty that I realise a renaissance of fondness and this video I have compiled is made to express that and I hope others will enjoy a brief trip into the past.


While making this project, I noticed on Youtube a video called 20 Years In 5 Minutes and that inspired me really; I thought… could I make a 5-minute video crammed with some of the greatest action shots?

There are a fair few recent goals included in this video too but the aim here was to show our history, tradition and passion; Aldershot fans of my vintage will know full well that life, while never easy, has often been quite good.




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