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PINK FLOYD – Breakfast In Los Angeles


Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast – The Orb vs Pink Floyd
One Of These Days – The Cloud remix
Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Psytrance remix
Goodbye Blue Sky – Nacho Varela remix
Pigs On The Wing [part one] – The Orb vs Pink Floyd
The Great Gig In The Sky – Ambient Trance remix
High Hopes – Ultrasound Extended Retro remix
Another Brick In The Wall – remix

Remember when the Eric Prydz rework of Another Brick In The Wall came out? Proper education they called it. I eschewed it, thinking that it would set a precedent and be a gateway for other Floyd songs to be reworked, mistreated (depending on your reception of them)… actually the reconstruction and in some cases destruction of timeless classics began some time before 1st January ’07 when it was released.

When contemplating this project I knew what I wanted in achievement; an ambient journey without too much kickdrum. I don’t care at all for hearing Time done to drum and bass for example but there are a few gems out there. I adore Shine On You Crazy Diamond here, unsurprising as I am well used to mixing trance and electronica.

So if you are sitting comfortably numb, we’ll begin. It starts with Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast from Atom Heart Mother, ha trippy metronome, the mention of coffee, toast and marmalade and why this mix has the title it does. Then into One Of These Days from Meddle. Does anyone else share the opinion on that bassline, that Simple Minds had listened to this before doing Waterfront?

This works well I think with the opener and blends neatly into the two main dance tracks, Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Goodbye Blue Sky  which has a nice textured minimal techno effect.

Pigs On The Wing has a novelty value for me in its repetition of “If I didn’t care” and “If you didn’t care” – I love the song anyway and don’t mind this being tossed and blown.

The Great Gig In The Sky and Helen Terry, an important inclusion I feel in this eight-track affair though if I could have found a decent rework of Us And Them I’d have used that instead.

On the home run I’ve chosen High Hopes which would make an ideal closer in any mix but left Another Brick In The Wall until last as it ends with Goodbye Cruel World.

There are a fair few reworks of Pink Floyd songs but I’m averse to many of them. These are my favourites all rolled into one.



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