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“Emily” – Stephen Fretwell

A music video I created for this Stephen Fretwell song, using four short films I found online.

The idea was to create a storyline around the young couple, maybe when the relationship broke down, the line “You never were going to change your mind were you anyway?” is the perfect end as the boy throws the ring into the sea.

The other content is ambiguous but fun, I think that sometimes it’s nice to leave an open book.

Born in the town of Scunthorpe in 1981, English singer/songwriter Stephen Fretwell was introduced to the music of Bob Dylan at a young age. Using a borrowed guitar from his grandparents, the young artist began writing his own songs and made tapes for his family and friends. After an aborted attempt at university life — he lasted two days — Fretwell relocated to Manchester, where his clear northern voice, poetic lyrics, and melodic guitar work soon won him an audience.

After landing a much sought-after opening gig with local heroes Elbow, the now 21 year old began releasing his music on a friend’s Northern Ambition label. 8 Songs, the Something’s Gotta Give EP, and The Lines, all released between 2001 and 2003, became collector’s items and brought Fretwell to the attention of the press.

He signed to Friction Records in 2003 and released his first full-length, Magpie, in November, recorded at Abbey Road studios in London. Fretwellrecorded the follow-up to his debut album, Man on the Roof, in New York City; it was released in 2007.



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