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Dive in with The Horrors

Perhaps the biggest shock you might deliver is the news that the Horrors are still going. Few new bands in 2007 seemed less likely to last: an amusing but wafer-thin confection of goth clothes, funny pseudonyms and chaotic garage rock, haplessly buffeted by a very knowing kind of music press hype. When they appeared on the NME’s cover, its editor offered the caveat “they look awful and sound terrible”, as if to underline that the quintet were not made of the same vital stuff as the Automatic or the Enemy. And yet, here we are, a decade on, considering their fifth album.

Perhaps the fact that no one really expected them to do anything more than ignominiously split when the hype died down gave them a certain freedom. Certainly, they have proved capable of constantly shifting and mutating in a way most of their contemporaries haven’t.

The Horrors started out form Southend in 2005 and my guess is their loyal following would rate Skying as their best album. Judge for yourselves…






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